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Basic Navigation:
To go to the First unread post, click on the ">" symbol (there will be none if you have read all the posts in that topic) and it will take you there
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The list of all available forums can be seen in our Forum Directory
A special view to see Most Popular and Topics without Replies is in the Forum views page

When you first join Dobbs you are automatically added to the CME/Case discussion, Dobbs General and Feedback forums. While you can read the discussions, in order to post or reply to other Group forums in Dobbs, you have to Join the group. Click the Join group button in the Group you are interested in.

Subscription and Mark as read:

Note that at the top left of each individual forum, e.g. in our Heartbeat forum in the picture below, there is a Subscription button - subscribing means any new topic will be sent to you as a notification by email. Mark forum as read means you can easily catch up by marking everything in the forum as read.

Similarly for individual topics, there is a Mark as Read, Subscription and also a Favorites link at the top right. Favorites will appear in your Home page (Click on Your Profile) -> Forums -> Favorites

Site Activity
To view all the sites activity updates, click on the Activity link at the top menu.
Activities are like Facebook status updates . You can post Activities in your own Profile (which is like your own Facebook wall) or in any Group homepage.
Use the buttons below the text box to share website links (URLs), images (upload or link to image) and video (links only e.g. to Youtube).
You have to be logged in to post an Activity update. Any updates you post is restricted to Dobbers only

Dobbs Forum has a powerful Search form at the right side bar of the Forums page. (Search is a member's only feature)
For Member search, you can check out the Member Search page (Search is a member's only feature)

Changing your Profile, Password, Avatar etc
All these are accessible from Your Profile - after you login, click on the Your Profile button in the Upper left of the Menu
Settings: you can change your password or email address here
Profile: you can change some additional info about yourself as well as upload a personal image or avatar