Using the Forums

You've read How to Navigate Dobbs so you're now ready to stop being a "lurker" and actually participate in the forums! This little guide will show you how to reply to posting in Forum threads and how to start new ones.
For those not familiar with the term "Forum thread " it refers to Internet Forum Conversation Threads

Replying to any forum thread

Just navigate to the end of the thread, and you will see an "Add Reply" box. You just type in your reply and when you have finished composing, just hit the Post Reply button at the bottom left. Don't worry about making mistakes as you can Edit your reply later.

Starting a new Thread/Topic
There are two ways you can start a new Forum thread or Forum Topic - from the main forum directory page or from within each group.

Posting a new thread from the Main Forum Directory:

First, hit the New Topic button

Enter the Title and Content of your new post in the appropriate boxes. Please note that due to a bug in the formatting plugin, you do not get formatting buttons to help you if you post via the Forum Directory, though if you know HTML you can manually format your text. Tags are like Keywords and are optional. Don't forget to select the appropriate group for your new post or else your post will not be submitted. Postings may be re-located to other groups at the discretion of moderators of this forum.

Posting a new thread from the Group Directory

First click on any forum Group, in the above example, Dobbs General. You see the Home or Group activity as the default. Next click on the Forum tab as circled above.

Next tap on the New Topic button to start a new Forum Topic/Thread (see image above)

If you start new posts this way, you will get formatting buttons and emoticons to make it easier to format your text. This little demo video shows you the formatting functions in action:

The formatting buttons are basically shortcuts to HTML formatting so if you know some HTML then you can fine tune the formatting of your posts. I did not elaborate much on posting images but Dobbs forum has a plugin which supports media formats for easy pasting of Flickr and Photobucket - just paste the share URL or link and the image will embed. The picture upload in the formatting buttons allows you to upload a picture from your computer to Imgur and you can select the HTML to copy into your post (but you have to use the browser back button to go back to Dobbs).
You can also easily embed Youtube videos in a post by copying and pasting the Youtube share URL.
If you want to test embedding of pictures and videos, you can check out this thread.