Shortcode Guide

Shortcodes for use in DOBBS forum posts and replies

Document Embed
Embed a PDF or Word document in your forum post or reply - just use the Add Media button and then Upload your document and after it is uploaded, click the Insert into post button.
The shortcode will be automatically uploaded for you
PDFs will use a secure PDF View and the code will look like this:
The format for other documents e.g. Word is:

where xxxxxxxxx = URL of the file hosted somewhere - it could be a URL of a document you come across in another website for instance

If you wish to upload the PDF to Dobbs, you have to use the Document upload feature of each Dobbs Group. Click on the Home section of any Dobbs group and then the Documents section. e.g. for Dobbs General it is
Upload the document there and then right click on the uploaded Document to get the URL to use in the shortcode

Forum poll
Place a poll in the FIRST posting of any topic. There is a Poll button to guide you.
The format is:


Place a hidden answer which is revealed when you click on it
The format is:


List of all the Shortcodes used (many of these are used by the formatting buttons in the Text editor)