Setting Email Notifications

Group notifications

You can set Email notifications for the whole Group by tapping on on the Forum section then the Subscribe link.

In the following diagram, it illustrates setting the Email notifications for Dobbs General Forum

Subscribe to forum

Thread notifications

Instead of subscribing to the whole Group, you may just want to follow individual discussion threads and receive notification of updates by email. This is done by clicking on the Subscribe when viewing any discussion thread. Note that when you Reply to any posting thread, you automatically subscribe. Click Unsubscribe to stop the email notifications.

Subscribe to thread

System notifications

Apart from email notification of discussion threads, you can also fine-tune the way Dobbs sends you email notification of other events. Just click on your Profile, then Settings -> Notifications and you can view the options. Here you can select whether or not you want to be emailed whenever someone "mentions you", friendship requests, private messages etc.

I hope this tutorial will help you get the best out of Dobbs. Take control of notifications and set how you want to be notified to your heart's content!