Getting started

Thank you for registering with Dobbs. Here are some things to help you get started with the new system

How to Change your Avatar
Guide to Navigating Dobbs
Using the forums - Starting new Topics and Replying
Setting Email Notifications

Accessing your Profile:
Your "Home Page" in the forum is your Profile Page
To access this use the Dashboard at the top of your  browser and hover your mouse on 'My Account" OR you can click on your Avatar to see the same options

In your home page you can perform the following functions:

1) Settings (at the bottom of the list)
- General: Change your password from the default one given to you  please do this asap after  logging in for the first time
- Notification options

2) Profile
- view public details (visible to other logged in forum members)
- edit your profile details: Full name, Position/Specialty, State, Website, Hobbies/Interests) -> please try to be as complete as possible as this will enhance the social networking experience of this community.
- change your Avatar. If you don't then your profile image is a boring default "mystery man". Try to use your real picture! For more details on changing your Avatar, see this page
3) Activity
- view your own activity
- view Mentions in comments or posts by other members
- view Favorites
- view Friends activity
- view Group activity

4) Other tabs
- Messages (any private messages sent to you)
- Friends (your friends in the forum)
- Groups (Groups you belong to)
- Album (you can upload your own pictures and specify who can see them)

Groups & Forums
There are  three public groups: Dobbs General, Announcements and Feedback
New registrants will auto-join these groups.
** Please note that forums are tied to Groups but not all Groups need have forums **
The groups/forums have Email notification settings which you can set your self. You can optionally Follow individual discussion threads by email.
At the moment, only Administrators can create a Group - if anyone wants to start a group, please message @palmdoc
Groups can be  "public" meaning any registered Dobbs members can join, or can be "private" e.g. a group for your friends or by invitation only. Private groups can even be "hidden" from others.
- Dobbs General is the main group and is equivalent to the old Dobbs General forum and  main discussion forum is there
- Feedback is a forum for  users to post anything forum related: bugs, feature requests etc.
- Announcements - for Dobbs announcements only. There is no forum in this group.

Activity Updates
Activity updates are like Facebook timelines where you can post any update, link, images or video links.
Each Group has it's own Update in the Home section of the group.
You also have your own personal update wall in your Profile page.
You can see all Updates in the Dobbs Updates page
You can Like, Comment on each and every update but you can only comment on other Dobber's update wall if you are friends with them.

Short code guide
Short codes are a powerful feature to add things to your forum posts like Polls and Spoilers
View the Short Code Guide