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Dobbs Posting Rules and Guidelines

  1. Dobbs users acknowledge that contents of the Dobbs are meant for Doctors' eyes only. The forum is visible only to registered Dobbs members after login. Dobbs members should logout of the forum after you have finished, if you are using a shared computer.
  2. All postings and contributions are solely the opinions of the individual doctor and NOT of the administrators of Dobbs. Dobbs users are advised that the administrators of Dobbs do not warrant the continuing currency or accuracy of or in any way hold themselves liable for the contents of this Bulletin Board.
  3. Any use or reliance on information obtained from Dobbs is strictly at the users' own risk.
  4. Please do not post private email or postings from elsewhere without prior consent from the originator of the email or posting
  5. Please respect the concept of Dobbs being a closed forum for Malaysian doctors and do not circulate email or content from Dobbs to anyone outside the medical community without permission
  6. Whilst Dobbs is by and large unmoderated, please refrain from posting items which may be deemed offensive (e.g. vulgar or sexually explicit), personal attacks on fellow Dobbers or hurt the sensitivies of any group (e.g. religious or ethnic) This includes subjects of excessively controversial political nature. If you find any post offensive please feel free to report to Admin and we will review the post.
  7. Constructive posts are encouraged. While contrarian ideas and discourse are permissible, please do not engage in frequent inflammatory posts which amount to Internet Trolling
  8. Do not post any identifiable patient information or images. You should take informed consent prior to posting these and even then only for CME or case discussion purposes. Posting patient images in the social media group is discouraged. Please use the more secure web forum or Docquity app.
  9. Do not post only in Upper Case as this is the Internet equivalent of "shouting"
  10. Any posting may be deleted at the discretion of Dobbs Admin. Dobbs Admin reserves the right to terminate the membership of any Dobbs member for unbecoming conduct or if any accounts have been abused or suspected to have been hacked.

Usage of Dobbs implies agreement with the site Privacy and Usage Policy

Updated 29 November 2017