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Registration & Privacy issues

When you register, the information collected in the registration form will be used for administrative purposes only (verification and registration of members) and also to identify yourself with your colleagues within the private Dobbs community. You acknowledge that the information provided is accurate to the best of your ability. We are unable to register you if the details provided are inaccurate or incomplete. Your IP address will be logged at the time of registration along with other details in the registration form. Dobbs does send out a regular newsletter to all subscribers by default but you have the option to opt out of the mailing list at any time with an unsubscribe option provided in the newsletter. You agree to respect Dobbs as a private Doctors' community and will not share information within the pages, forums or emails with non-medical persons.


Like most websites, Dobbs uses cookies and web log files to track site usage so your browser needs to have cookies enabled. A cookie is a tiny data file which resides on your computer which allows Dobbs to recognize you as a User when you return to the website using the same computer and web browser. Like the information you enter at registration or when you update your Profile, cookie and log file data is used to customize your experience in Dobbs. One type of cookie, known as a "persistent" cookie, is set once you've logged in to your Dobbs account. The next time you visit Dobbs, the persistent cookie will allow us to recognize you as an existing User so you will not need to log in before using the service. However, if you log out of Dobbs,you will need to re-enter your password the next time you visit.


You are advised to change the password provided to you once you login for the first time. Instructions on how to do so are in the Getting Started page. You are solely responsible for keeping your password secure and should always log out of Dobbs especially if you are using a shared computer.


In your use of these forums, you agree that you will not post any information which is vulgar, harassing, hateful, threatening, invading of others privacy, or violates any laws of Malaysia. You also agree that you will not post any copyrighted material that is not owned by yourself or the owners of these forums. You agree to conform to the rules of the forum which are posted in the Rules section. Violation of rules or improper conduct may result in termination of membership to Dobbs at the discretion of the forum administrators.


Dobbs may implement advertising in the website. Advertisers will not have access to your private information at any time.

Support & termination

You may contact the website administrator ( for support. In order to leave the community, all you have to do is to email your request to Your account information will subsequently be deleted from this website.