Dobbs Mobile App

DOBBS can now be accessed via a dedicated mobile app
The app is available for the iOS platform (download from iTunes) and for Android (download from the Play Store)

First steps

When you first launch the app, you will be prompted to Sign up (if you are new to Dobbs forum ) or Sign in (if you have already signed up before)

The Sign up looks like this:


Sign-up is if you are totally new to Dobbs Forum. This will Create and account for your on Dobbs forum and will require a valid email address and a username of your choice (no spaces):


Note that you will receive an Activation link in your email. Please check your email (occasionally the email goes into your spam folder)
After you activate, you can then login to the app.
(If you make a mistake or encounter problems, you can always Delete the app and Reinstall it)

For existing users the login prompt will look like this:

You can login with your username or email address and the password you chose earlier. If you have forgotten your password, there is a "Lost your password" link for you to reset your password.
Please note you cannot, for now, use Facebook login with the app as there is a bug.

After you login you will see the main features of Dobbs presented in handy shortcuts with a menu you access from the top left of the app

If you are new to Dobbs, many sections are restricted to Doctors only so you will see a Verification prompt like this:

Please submit your details which must include an upload or snapshot of your APC/MMC or MBBC cert. Verification should normally take less than 24 hours.

Once you are verified you can access all sections of the menu:


The Menu in detail:

Home - this will take you to your Profile page. Please edit your details and upload a new Profile picture

Topics - these are the latest/updated last 20 topics in the Dobbs forum. Tap on any to view/participate

Search forum - a page for you to search the vast Dobbs forum database

Post new topic - start a new topic in the Dobbs forum.

Updates - lates updates from the Dobbs update timeline

FB updates - latest updates from Dobbs FB (can view but to participate you need to be part of Dobbs FB)

Job listing - latest vacancies from the Dobbs Job Portal

News - latest Medical News

Survey - take our current Poll