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The Dobbs contest # 2 results

Contest #2 concluded last weekend. There were only 3 entrants so all three win a prize! The first prize winner is @sonar who got all the answers right and the winning slogan is: “A better understanding of disease, a better outcome for patients.” Congrats @sonar – you win a 500 Gb external HDD courtesy of […]

Forums – getting to the end of the thread

I thought I’d make a post to help newer Dobbers on how to navigate the forums, particularly the common question “How do I quickly get to the end of the thread to view the latest reply? ” This is particularly useful if the discussion thread is long. Here are a few ways: If you are […]

The Dobbs Contest #2

** Contest is closed ** It’s here! Finally, after a bit of delay (sorry – busy with work) following the initial announcement we are ready to launch the second Dobbs contest. This time with a bigger prize – 1st prize is a 500 Gb External HDD and 5 runner prizes of 16 Gb thumbdrives. Eligibility: […]

Introducing Group Topic Tags

If you notice, when you click on the Forums section of any of the Group Forums, you will see a Tag Cloud of the posting tags in that forum at the top of the forum section and in the sidebar. Do add Tags (the last field at the bottom) to help keep track of posts […]

Dobbs Contest #2 – World Lymphoma Day part 1

In recognition of World Lymphoma Day which is on September 15 each year, Dobbs together with Roche, will be holding a quiz on Lymphoma. There will be Tech prizes galore for winners with one big 1st prize (to be announced next) In the run up to the contest, please read up about B-Cell Lymphoma from […]

Activities vs Forum discussions

This post is intended to clarify the differences between Activities and Forums especially for new Dobbers. It might be initially confusing to some as this is not a conventional (and drab) forum like traditional phpBB or vBulletin powered discussion boards. Think of Dobbs more like a Community site with Social Networking and Discussion Forum capabilities. […]