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Dobbs points

Dobbers may wonder what Dobbs points is all about. You get points for all sorts of activity participating in Dobbs – the act of logging in gets you 5 points a day and you get points for participating in the Forums – 20 points for each new topic started and 5 points per reply – […]

Tip: Keeping track of discussions in Dobbs

Discussions are at the heart of Dobbs, and being a full fledged web based forum, has powerful ways to help users keep track of what is being discussed. I’ve made some changes to the main Forums page to help you do this. 1. The main Forums page lists the most recent 15 topics sorted by […]

Using the new Mobile views in Dobbs

As we have updated to Buddyboss 3.0, we now have excellent mobile theme support. Dobbs Forum will automatically detect the device (and orientation – portrait or landscape) you are using, and deliver a format which fits nicely in the smaller screen. In a Tablet, the design is similar to the Desktop browser but in a […]

Dobbs Forum has undergone important changes

Firstly, we have updated the theme to Buddyboss 3.0 which makes the look neater, and more importantly automatically formats the forum nicely for mobile devices like Tablets and Smartphones (more about that in another post). To provide feedback on the new theme, in case you encounter issues, please use this thread. I have also streamlined […]