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The Dobbs Selfie contest winner

It’s time to announce the winner of the 1st round of the Dobbs selfie contest – Dr. Betty Teh. Congrats! She wins a special medical pen torch with a pupil size gauge and built in ruler. We have more prizes up for grabs and all you have to do is to upload your Selfie to […]

Forum notifications

We have updated to the latest bbPress 2.5 which is the forum engine behind Dobbs. Dobbs sends you notifications about Forum discussion via email. Prior to 2.5, you would get notifications from individual topics the following way: 1) You can be notified of replies by checking/unchecking the box “Notify me of follow-up replies via email” […]

Embedding images from free image hosting sites

Why post boring status updates with picture links? Make great posts and embed multiple pictures within one forum post. Images illustrate your point well. As mentioned in our feedback posting here’s how to embed images in Dobbs postings using free image hosting sites. Imgur (pronounced Imag-er) is a great free image hosting site – you […]

The Chimp is here to provide you with Dobbs updates

Morning Dobbers, The Chimp is here! This is to give you a heads up that I am trying out Mailchimp’s email delivery system to bring you blog updates from Dobbs. This will not replace our Newsletter entirely but at least you get email notification whenever we update the Dobbs blog. If you don’t want to […]

Hashtag support now up in Dobbs

I am pleased to announce that Dobbs now supports the use of Hashtags which was originally popularised by microblogging sites such as Twitter. By putting a Hashtag (the pound or “#”) sign before a word, you can mark it as a searchable “key word”. Used wisely, Hashtags can improve the “searchability” of a forum making […]

The Dobbs Selfie Contest

Dobbers, Stand a chance to win a prize yet again in another Dobbs contest. The purpose is to learn new skills in using Dobbs: – how to upload pictures you take – using the Activity stream (Dobb’s own “Facebook” type wall) – how to post pictures in the forum – how to use forum Rating […]