The Dobbs vCard programme

Would you like a a unique name card which you can share with your contacts e.g. colleagues and patients, that works in their mobile devices?
We're pleased to announce Dobbs' Cloud based virtual Name Card or vCard programme.

It's more "dynamic" than a normal name card and you can change it without having to re-print it all over again!
An example of a vCard with details which comply with the MMC Ethics guidelines would look like this:

vCard 3

To view the above and test the functions in your smartphone, see: (which is a fictional doctor of course)
You'll find that the Contact buttons are functional and one can use it to Call/SMS/Email/Visit websites all from the mobile device.
(Please note that if you are trying to view the vCard from within the iOS Facebook app, there is an "error" pop-up which you can disregard. I think it's a bug in the iOS Facebook app. No problems with android or if viewing your vCard in the stock mobile Safari browser)

Each card has a Share page for you to easily share the link. You can do this several ways: manually sharing the link which is displayed in the Share page, via QRCode (free QRCode readers are readily available in the mobile app stores), social media, email or SMS

vCard 6

You or your contacts can save the vCard in the mobile phone browser Bookmark or use the Add to Homescreen option on the mobile's browser (the latter will still run offline without an Internet connection just like a regular app). Here's a Demo for iOS7 on how to do this:

Add to Homescreen (iOS 7)

Now all Malaysian Doctors get a chance to have a free vCard mobile app via the Malaysian Medical Resources/DOBBS Affiliate programme. The programme is FREE but subject to the acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

1) Be a member of the Dobbs forum for Malaysian doctors. If you are not yet one, don't worry, you can still submit your details and we'll send you instructions on how you can join and qualify for the vCard programme. As long as you are a bonafide Malaysian medical doctor (Dobbs membership serves as a verification step), it's not an issue.
2) Acknowledge that the information you submit is accurate to the best of your knowledge. The Malaysian Medical Resources and Dobbs are not responsible for any incorrect details or whether the vCard has your current details in case these have changed. If you wish to change the details you may use the form to re-submit again.
3) Understand that the vCard will be listed in the Malaysian Medical Resources and Dobbs website and is publicly accessible (after all it is a name card!) but it is you who decide what contact details are placed on the vCard.

Please enter the required data for construction of your vCard.
Submission implies agreement with the above terms and conditions

* indicates required field
This will be used in
e.g. MBBS (Max 35 characters, no Multiple Diplomatosis here!)
This is optional and displayed below the Qualification
Maximum 4 lines please
Email is mandatory. The others are optional contacts:

Acceptable file types: bmp,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.
Submit a photo which identifies you. If you wish, a logo or symbol will also do in place. The minimum size required is 90 x 90 pixels. Larger pictures will be cropped/scaled down.

If you are a Dobbs vCard user and have any questions or feedback, please see the Dobbs vCard Support Thread
Dobbers (logged in only) can view the Dobbs members vCard listing