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Dobbs has a long history, going back to circa 1997 when doctors wanted a discussion forum and those of you active at that time will recall Bulletin Boards like Jaring Medibase. The aim was to ultimately have a private doctors only forum and in 2000, Dobbs morphed into a full fledged web based system powered by Cold Fusion. Here's a nostalgic screen shot from the Internet archives :

Dobbs in 2000

This served it's purpose for a while but was a cumbersome hand-coded system which was difficult to upgrade and customise.
In 2005, Dobbs moved on to an "off the shelf" forum powered by Snitz, and it gave us the capability to have both a private and public forum, the former being the private forum for doctors i.e. Dobbs.

Dobbs in 2005

Dobbs Web Forums is now a bbPress powered web forum with a huge archive of valuable discussions

In the era of the social network and the mobile, Dobbs is now also available on 3 platforms:

1) As a closed Facebook group, Dobbs Facebook
2) As a Web forum (this site), which is responsive and mobile friendly
3) As a Mobile app, participating in Docquity

For more info on the entire Dobbs network, see the main Dobbs Landing Page

With this three pronged approach, we hope that Malaysian doctors will continue to actively participate in Dobbs, a community for doctors by doctors, and without community participation it won't exist. Carry on Dobbers!

Dr. Alan Teh
Chief Dobber

Updated 25 May 2017

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