Dobbs Facebook Group Stats for August 2018

Membership in the group continues to grow steadily, now hitting 16, 301, still by far the largest group for Malaysian doctors on Facebook.

Of the 16,301 members, 14,326  are active (88%), where activity is defined as a member who has viewed, posted, reacted to or commented on content in the group during this period.

Last month, there were 977 posts, averaging about 32 posts a day

These are our top 10 contributors for August 2018

These are the top posts for August 2018. The #1 post garnered over 10,000 views and 700 comments. As the contents of the discussion are in a private doctors, forum, to view the links you need to login to the Dobbs web forum and view the ongoing thread which tracks the top Dobbs Facebook posts month by month . Click on the image below to view the thread