The Dobbs Telegram Supergroup

Why did we choose Telegram as an alternative chat group for Dobbs?

Here are 6 important reasons why:

1. Telegram allows larger groups, now up to 100,000. You may worry about not being able to cope with a large group but by default our Dobbs Telegram Supergroup is muted. You get notified only with Pinned messages and if you receive a Reply to your message or get Tagged with @name. Do note you can easily catch up by using the bottom right down arrow. You can search the group using the Search function.

2. No worries about space. You DO NOT have to delete messages in Telegram. Messages and media here are stored in the cloud and not in the phone. You can in fact delete Telegram, reinstall the app and all your messages reappear. You in fact cannot delete other messages in our Dobbs Telegram Supergroup (only admin can delete for all), only your own. I repeat, you DO NOT have to delete messages in Telegram to "save space' like you do in Whatsapp.

3. You can EDIT your messages for up to 48 hours after posting. Just tap and hold on the message and select edit. This is handy for typos.

4. You can do cool things in Telegram that you cannot in Whatsapp. One of these is to call up "inline" bots for functions such as polls (use @vote), post GIFS (use @gif) or videos (use @vid). There are also plenty of cool stickers to use with Telegram but our Dobbs Supergroup has bots to remove stickers automatically to tidy up the group ;)

5. You can add any file type to your messages including PDFs and not have to worry about space. In fact PDFs render very nicely and you can use Telegram as a personal storage space for your images and other files.

6. You can run Telegram in devices other than your phone. There are apps available for Telegram on your Tablet (Android or iPad) as well as PC (Windows and Mac). To install the desktop version of Telegram, just visit Besides, the web version of Telegram ( runs much better than Whatsapp for Web as the latter requires your phone to be connected and much more sluggish.

Dobbs Telegram is available only for Registered Dobbers. For Doctors not yet registered with Dobbs, you may do so for free using
If you are already a registered Dobber, please visit and join this channel to register your interest.