Dobbs Health Smartband Competition #3 & #4

Dear Dobbers

The Dobbs Smartband competition continues.
I was about to announce Competition #3 and the Rank of Registrar (250 points) as the target but it looks like Dr Rajeentheran Suntheralingam has already hit the target so he is the automatic winner of Dobbs contest #3

The prize for Contest #3 and Contest #4 is an F1 Health Smartband

This band is capable of measuring:
- Steps/Mileage/Calories
- Sleep
- Heart rate
- spO2
- Runs (with Tracks)
- Incoming calls and messages (e.g. SMS/Whatsapp) with alerts on the band

Contest #4 is still open and the next Dobber to get Registrar rank level (250 points) will get an F1 band!

Good luck Dobbers!