Dobbs Health Smartband Competition #1

Dear Doctors

This year, we are restarting our DOBBS contests and are giving out Hi tech Smartbands!
The competition will be based on the Rankings you achieve in the Dobbs web forums

Rank points are obtained for daily logins and visits, creating new posts, making replies, updating your Avatar and wall picture, updating your status in your wall etc.

Everyone starts as Medical student, working your way up to House officer, SHO, MO etc!

You can view your Rank in your Profile (also below your Avatar in the web forums):


The first giveaway will be a V07 Smartband:


This great looking band is capable of measuring and monitoring:
- Steps/Mileage/Calories
- Sleep
- Heart rate
- Event alarms
- Runs (with Tracks)
- Incoming calls and messages (e.g. SMS/Whatsapp) with alerts on the band

We shall be giving this V07 band FREE to the first Dobber (other than Palmdoc) who achieves Senior Medical Officer ranking in the Dobbs web forum. This is not difficult as it will take only achieving 100 points.

Good luck to all of you


A note for non-DOBBERS:
Joining DOBBS is free for all Malaysian medical doctors (as long as you have graduated and are Malaysian, you qualify). We are the pioneer and largest online medical community. Signing up is simple and with this one secure step form:
you get access to Dobbs Web forums, Dobbs on Facebook and Dobbs on Docquity.