Dengue spike alert

KUALA LUMPUR: A possible spike in the number of dengue cases is expected between June and August.
Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said this was based on a comparison with last year’s pattern of reported dengue cases.
“Last year’s pattern revealed that cases peaked in February, then tapered off until June, and peaked again between then and August.
“This year there was a spike in dengue cases in February, so we are looking at a possible resurgence in cases come June,” he said at the Allied Against Dengue programme launch.
The programme by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) together with the Malaysian Medical Asso­ciation, Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society and Guardian aims to empower healthcare providers, organisations and committees to tackle dengue in a holistic manner.
Dr Subramaniam said an estimated 120,000 dengue cases were reported last year, with 87 fatalities.
As of March, 37,000 cases had been reported for this year, the bulk of them in February alone.
In preparation for the potential spike in cases, Dr Subramaniam said the ministry would carry out a massive enforcement programme against those allowing mosquitoes to breed from April 11 onwards.
“If we do not crack down on the errant parties, the dengue rate may be even higher than it was last year,” he said.
Dr Subramaniam noted that Aedes mosquito eggs could last up to six months without water.
They would hatch once a water source, usually rainwater, was available.

Source: Star