Dobbs Merdeka Challenge

Dear Dobbers,

In the run up to Merdeka, we would like to hold a little contest with this Medical Torchpen as a prize


This Torchpen is specially designed for medical users and has these features:
- lightweight anodised aluminium build
- handy clip
- pupil gauge and mini ruler
- runs on 2 AAA batteries (not included)

We have 10 of these up for grabs and all you have to do is to add 25 of your colleagues to our Dobbs Facebook group
(naturally you have to be a member of the group first).

To add new members to our group:
1) Click the + Add People to Group field in the right column of the Dobbs Facebook group as shown in this picture:

2) Type your colleagues' names and click on them to add them to the group.

3) For mobiles, the instructions on how to add are here

1) Only Malaysian doctors may join the Dobbs Facebook group
2) Only new confirmed adds between 15 August 2015 and 9pm 31 August 2015 will count
3) Previous adds prior to 15 August 2015 do not count to this contest (though we greatly appreciate your efforts)
4) The first 10 Dobbers to successfully add 25 new members qualify to receive the prize
5) Each Dobber is eligible only for one prize
6) Dobbers in Malaysia and abroad may enter the contest but the prize can only be mailed to a local address in Malaysia
7) All contest winners will be required to be a member of the Dobbs forum proper (don't worry, we'll send you a special invite if you are not already one)

The Dobbs Facebook group can be found here: (shortcut link is

All the best, Dobbers!


Dr. Alan Teh