Dobbs Forum Simplified

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Dobbs community for Doctors is built around two engines - Buddypress which gives us the Facebook-like Networking features and update walls (your own as well as multiple groups), and bbPress which is our forum engine.
Simply put, Dobbs has 2 main features, Discussion Forums and Updates

We have trimmed the Forums and merged all the sub-forums (previously Medicolegal, Techdoc, Lifestyle, Humerus etc.) all into Dobbs General. Thus, we have only 3 Main forums: Dobbs General, CME and Feedback. We have retained the Speciality and Association forums for now.
The Navigation links to the forums are posted at the tope of the Latest topics page as well as the home page of all groups.
In addition I have added more forum search boxes and you can see it in the Latest topics page as well as in the top of all the group home pages.

The Group structure (incudling the Groups which had the defunct sub-forums) have been retained. Although these no longer have forums, you can share links, images, videos with Dobbers in any of the Groups. By browsing individual groups, you can see and share updates specific to the group.
See the entire Group Listing.
Example of individual Group update walls:

Do note, in the main Updates page, when you share a new update, you can select which Group you want it to go to (including your own wall if you wish).