Using shortcodes in your forum postings

Aside from embedding media like pictures and videos into your forum postings, you have the ability to embed PDFs, Polls and Hidden Answers (Spoilers). To do so, we use the powerful Shortcode feature.
Shortcodes are codes using square brackets []

Here are the steps which illustrate how to use these shortcodes:

1) Embed PDFs
The format is:

All you need to know is the URL of the PDF article.
For example in this forum post which has an embedded PDF on the GST, the URL of the PDF is
and the embed code is

If you have just the PDF file, you can always upload it to Dobbs forum posts as an attachment or upload it to the Documents section of the group. You can then embed it to the post if you wish once you determine the URL of the PDF you uploaded.

2) Forum Polls
You can create your own Forum poll e.g. in this Quick Quiz posting
The shortcode for the poll is:

The forum editor has a Poll creation tab in the upper right to help you create the shortcode by prompting you for the poll question and then the poll answers (each answer is separated by a comma)
Do note you can only create a forum poll for the first posting in each topic.

3) Spoilers (Hidden answers)

The Quick Quiz also employs a hidden answer/spoiler.
The shortcode for a spoiler is in the format:

This pastebin file lists all the shortcodes than can be used in Dobbs forum postings
The link is also available in the Shortcode Testbed and Tutorial Centre of our Testbed forum.
Feel free to try out your own Shortcodes in the Testbed forum.

This picture illustrates Forum polls and Hidden answers in use in this topic

hidden answer