Important support updates


We have changed the default site login to deter brute force attackers who are trying to hack Dobbs. As a result, we have changed the reset password link.
If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it by entering your username or email address in the new reset password link which is also published in the front page. Please note the reset password link works only if you are not already logged in.
If you normally login using the Connect section in any of our pages or by using the login with Facebook button then you don't have to worry as nothing has changed, only the reset password link has changed.

If you have problems logging in or any other issues using Dobbs, please contact us using any of the options listed in our Support Page
You can also Whatsapp or Telegram message me at +60163281959. Do note this number is for text messages only and voice calls will not work. You may also consider joining our Dobbs Chat group if you connect to me using this same number. More details about our real-time chat group here.
Our Dobbs Real-time chat group can be used for instantly updating each other on pressing matters or for any support issues and as well as general chatting of course.