Dobbs CME Quiz # 3 – and the winner is …..

Dobbs CME Quiz Contest 3 ended on 10th July 2014 (though you can still take the quiz if you haven't in order to score CME points)
So who is the winner of this gorgeous iPad Mini Retina Display?


There were actually 2 entrants who tied, scoring the highest possible scores i.e. 20/20 correct questions:

Dr. Wan Khairina Wan Mohd Nowalid (@wankhairina ) and Dr. Lau Ngee Siang (@yixianmy)

So the tie, according to the Contest rules was decided by:

a) Least amount time taken to complete the quiz
b) Number of Dobbs Karma points you have on or before 10 July 2014
c) Nicest looking Avatar

The winner according to all 3 criteria is ......

Dr. Wan Khairina !!!

Congratulations Dr. Wan Khairina. We'll be contacting you for the prize delivery later in the week.

For the other Dobbers, don't worry, there'll be future contests and prizes so you can always stand a chance to get something next time. We have more in store for you. In the meantime you see how important it is to gather Karma points. You get these points by unlocking achievements. Don't leave it till late - check out our Achievements listing to see how to get more Karma points.