Professional networking for Malaysian doctors with Dobbs

Greetings and I hope this post finds you well.
I thought I'd make a quick post to tell you about a powerful feature of Dobbs which you might not be aware of.
We now have over 2000 registered members in Dobbs and this number is growing quite fast. You can take advantage of this to locate colleagues as well as update your profile so that colleagues can locate and network with you.

How to search for Dobbers:
Use the Member search page or else the search form on the right sidebar of the Members main page (these pages are protected and only Logged in Dobbers can access them)

Member search

You can search by Name, Field (Specialty), State and Interests (e.g. Golf buddies) using the fields and drop down boxes as illustrated in the image above.

How to update your Profile:

You should make sure Your Profile is always up to date so that Dobbers can locate you - your Profile is private and visible only to logged in Dobbers. The basic Name, Field and State is completed for you when you register but as these can change you should update them. Do try to use your proper name and check the spelling since otherwise your friends or colleagues may not be able to locate you.
Dobbs has additional fields which you can add.
For Professional networking, doctors commonly use Linkedin and/or Medeguide. Fill in your Linkedin or Medeguide links in the appropriate fields but don't forget the "http://" otherwise the links won't work. Now when Dobbers see your profile they can click on your Linkedin or Medeguide links and see your Professional profile.
Dobbs also has fields for Facebook (which really is more suitable for casual and social networking rather than professional networking) as well as your Dobbs vCard if you have one.

Visit Your Profile and hit the Edit tab to make the changes as illustrated below

Your Profile

When you want to reach out to a fellow Dobber, you can message him or her in two ways. Click on the Dobber's profile (just click on his or her Avatar)


You have the choice of:
1) Private messaging
By clicking on the Private message tab, you can send a private message with optional attachments (handy if you want to send a doc, pdf or image. Do note our attachments are not limited to images unlike Facebook)
The user will receive an email once a private message is sent.
2) Posting on a user's wall
This makes the message "Public" and visible to other Dobbers but it still is private in the sense that it is visible only to logged in Dobbers. Unlike Facebook you don't have to worry about the privacy settings of your wall postings. The user will be notified via email when an update is made.

I hope this will inspire you to network with other Dobbers so do make use of our Profile settings and Member search facility. Network away!