Announcing the Dobbs CME Quiz #3 – win an iPad Mini RD!!

Dear Dobbers,

It's time for another competition again. I meant to put it up earlier but we were caught up with a lot of backend work in enhancing Dobbs like the Medical news and Dobbs Job Portal and the ton of new Dobbs registrations we've had lately.
Anyway, it's here - the Dobbs CME Quiz # 3.

Quiz # 3 is a 20 question MCQ type quiz focused on Haematology (don't worry, they aren't too hard - provided you have been following the CME and case discussions in the Dobbs forum!)

There is only one prize this time and the winner gets an iPad Mini Retina Display.

ipad mini

All Dobbers are eligible to take the quiz and if you score at least 70% correct you are also eligible for 1 CME point (a Dobbs CME certificate will be emailed and Dobbs is an MMA certified CME provider)

The iPad Mini contest is based on this quiz and all entrants up till 10 July 2014 will be eligible to win.

The terms and criteria for deciding the winner:

1) Entrant must have updated Dobbs Profile and Avatar
2) Has the highest number of correct answers received on or before 10 July 2014
3) In case of a draw for 2), the ultimate winner will be decided on the following additional criteria to aid the judges:
a) Least amount time taken to complete the quiz (there is a 60 minute time limit for this quiz)
b) Number of Dobbs Karma points you have on or before 10 July 2014 (see the Achievement listing for how to get Karma points)
c) Nicest looking Avatar

Please note that while Dobbers from all over the world can take part in the contest, the winner must provide a local address within Malaysia for us to send the prize to him or her.

Click here to take the Dobbs CME Quiz # 3 and stand a chance to win the iPad Mini Retina Display

If you have questions, please post in this thread in the forums.

I would like to thank Roche Malaysia for their generous educational grant which went towards the prize for this contest.