Introducing the Dobbs Job Portal

Dobbs Job Portal Graphic

I'm excited to announce the "soft launch" of our new Medical Job Portal.

The portal will allow Malaysian doctors and potential Employers (anyone looking to advertise permanent positions or locum vacancies) to interact. The uniqueness of the Job portal is that the job application will make use of a Resume system. The doctors just have to create their Resume online and then use this when they apply for Jobs advertised here. There is no need to repeatedly key in information whenever you apply for a Job - just use your Resume. You get a Dashboard to easily manage your resumes.
Job application is free and available to Dobbers so if you are a Malaysian doctor but not yet a member of Dobbs, please do sign up today.

Advertising using the default Job placement engine is free and very simple to use.
How to advertise:
* One has to be logged in to the system in order to place a job advertisement.
* If you are logged in as a Dobbs member, note that Dobbers not only can apply for jobs, but can also function as advertisers. This may be for instance the case of a GP looking to advertise a Locum vacancy.
* We are also allowing special Employer registration (e.g. HR executives from hospital groups) - these registrants have access only to the job advertising section and not the forums, activity and other Dobbs content exclusive to doctors. The Employers can have the option of reviewing Resumes which would help them recruit the doctors they want.
* Advertisers also get a Dashboard to manage their Job placements.

We invite all doctors who are in the job market to write up their resumes in Dobbs. The Job listing is still young so it will take a while to grow. The MMR locum website which I previously hosted as a free service will now be redirected here as we are consolidating this with the Dobbs Job Portal.

The Jobs Portal can be found in the Dobbs Menu listed as "Jobs".

If you would like to provide feedback and also know a little more about the background development of the Dobbs Job Portal, please see this thread in the forums.