Dobbs update for April 2014

Greetings Dobbers!

I hope you are having a great weekend! It's been a while since our last update and there have been quite a few new things to tell you about what's happening in Dobbs.

First of all I've added Attachment capability to Private Messaging and also... finally... to the Forums. You can attach not only images but other file types as well (unlike Facebook which allows only images in their messaging app)
There is a file size limit though and for private messaging it is 5 Mb. For forum attachments it is 512 Kb (but this can be increased later on if there is a demand)

With the addition of Attachment function to Forum posts and replies, there is a way now to upload Images directly to the forum (other than the other ways to embed images in your forum posts as blogged here). Anyway do try it out! This screenshot shows you the location of the Attachment button:


Chat function and the Activity Wall

I've brought back the Live chat box to Dobbs. This time it is in the Right hand Sidebar of the Activity Wall. Do note our Activity wall is now public but only logged in Dobbers may participate in the Chat. Only logged in Dobbers can post Updates, Like or Comment on activities as well as Share updates on various social media (you are not restricted to sharing on Facebook and you can share any update you see on Twitter, Google+ and via email).
When you post an Update, you can make it Public or Private (Dobbers only) by selecting Anyone or Logged In Users respectively in the drop down box before you post the update.
For more details, see our earlier blog posts:
The Dobbs Activity Feed Redux
Dobbs Activity Feed Redux II

For the hard core Facebook users, there's also now a special Facebook chat box on the bottom right of your browser (Desktop or Laptop only) - just sign in to Facebook with the app and you are good to go to chat with your Facebook buddies. If you have lots of Facebook friends, you can click on the Gear icon and select "Show only connected" to shorten the list.

Forum views
I've added a special page Forum Views which lists the most Popular topics on our Forums and also Forum topics without replies. This page is listed as a submenu item under the Forums section of the main menu (top in the desktop/laptop browser, right side in your mobile)
Not visited the forums lately?
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and much more!
Browsing the Forum directory is public but you have to be logged in to view and participate in the discussions

Can't remember your password? You can always reset it here (the reset link is just below the Registration button on the front page of Dobbs)

Wishing everyone good health and hope to see you in Dobbs!

Best regards,

Alan Teh