Dobbs update for April 2014 (II)

Greetings Dobbers,

Hope you had a good rest this weekend.
This is another update to keep you abreast of changes in the Dobbs forum:

1) The Menus have been rearranged a little and the Forums and submenus in particular are now streamlined. The main Forums page listing now also lists Recent replies in the side bar and there are some forum stats at the bottom right.
2) The Event listing has been updated and is a separate item on the menu now. Note that you get a handy button to add events to your Google calendar as a reminder for events which interest you.
3) Forum polls are up. You can now create your own polls in the first post of each topic. Instructions are in this thread. If you would like to see a Poll in action, check out this:
Is being a doctor today a miserable profession?
and while you're at it, vote your 2 sens worth
4) I've added a new page CME Talks which lists all the audio visual talks posted in our forums. Use this page to keep track of talks and this page can be found under the CME section of the menu.
5) New Realtime Chatbox is up! The Activity Page has a chat box in the side bar which is available for realtime chat. Note that the Chat box is visible only to logged in users.
6) Something big is coming to Dobbs. I won't say what but this picture is a teaser for you :)

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Have a great week ahead!