Important Dobbs Site Changes

Dear Dobbers,

This is to summarise what has been happening the last 1-2 weeks as we have changed some of the site access policies.
Firstly the main Forums, Activity and Member streams are public.
The reason for doing so are two fold. Firstly, we've realised that Dobbs is too much of a wall garden for the search engines so they have difficulty indexing the Dobbs site. Secondly, by opening up Dobbs a little, we hope to give non-Dobbers a preview of what content is available in Dobbs.

Please be assured that even though the discussion topics are now visible, individual discussions in the Dobbs forums are still private and you have to login to view and participate in the discussions.
The Activity timeline is now public by default, meaning updates you post can be seen by Anyone - which is great if you want to share the update with other social network sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.
Do note that you can fine tune the privacy by selecting the Privacy drop down box option if you want the Activity Update to be visible to Logged in members (i.e. Dobbers only), Mentioned or even yourself if you want to engage in soliloquy!
This picture illustrates the drop down box:
Activity Privacy
Lastly do note that although the Member stream is publicly visible, Profile details are private and seen only by logged in Dobbers.
Forum and Activity search functions and many other sections remain available only to logged in Members.

Do please check out the Activity Timeline. This is a great place to share links, pictures, videos etc in your own Timeline or any Dobbs Group that you have joined.
We've made two recent blog posts explaining a bit more about this:
The Dobbs Activity Feed Redux
The Dobbs Activity Feed Redux II

The last thing I want to let you know is that I have enabled File Attachments to the Private Messaging in Dobbs. You can send attachments up to 5 Mb in size to the recipient and unlike Facebook you are not restricted to images only - you can send Office documents, PDFs, Zip files, Rar files etc.

If you have any feedback or comments, please use this discussion thread in Dobbs: Dobbs Open House policy