How to upload or share images in Dobbs

This seems to be a frequent question and this blog post will hopefully provide you with a solution which suits your needs. There are actually quite a number of ways to upload and share images in Dobbs

1. Upload the images to free hosting sites like Imgur, Flickr or Photobucket. Then all you have to do is paste the image URL in your Forum topic post/reply or Activity update and it will automatically embed
See this blog post: Embedding images from free image hosting sites
If you use this method, it will help Dobbs as it does not use our server space or server load so we would prefer you use this option for general photo sharing.

2. Upload the images directly to the Photos section of Your Profile (click on Your Profile in the top menu, then Photos). Your photos in your profile are like your personal Facebook photo album.
You can grab the image URL from any photo and share them in forum posts but you have to paste the URL using the forum Image button
How to share an image
Indeed if you know the URL of any image on the Internet e.g. even those in Facebook (basically right click the image with your mouse, then Copy the image URL), you can share the images in your forum posts this way. It's easy to do this on a computer but not easy on a tablet or smartphone.

3. In the Activity Timeline, you can upload images two ways as illustrated here:

how to share image on Activity

Option 1 actually uploads the photo to the Photo section of your personal Profile.
Option 2 allows you to Upload or Paste an image URL

This video takes you through the steps of sharing an image from Facebook (works the same way for any image on your browser) to the Dobbs Activity Timeline:

4. If you use Tapatalk in your mobile or tablet there is an option for uploading an image (hosted by Tapatalk) if you create a new forum post or reply
Tapatalk was mentioned here