Dobbs Activity Feed Redux II

This is a follow-up post to The Dobbs Activity Feed Redux where we show you how to share links. In this post, I'd like to show you how you can share images in the Activity Feed without having to upload images directly, but instead embedding by linking the image URL.

First, right click on an image you see (it can be on any web page including Facebook) and select Copy Image URL (or equivalent depending on the browser)

Next click on the Image icon under the Activity update box, and then click on Add image URL.

Next paste the URL, and then you can Preview it

Hit Add photo to share the image and here is the end result:

You can add more images this way and are not limited to one.

Do try it yourself and I would like to encourage Dobbers to share links and interesting images with others.
For the time being, as part of "Dobbs Open Day" we have kept the Activity Timeline open so that you can see it without having to login so bear in mind it is public for now (the links shared so far are basically informational and educational and sticking tho that is fine) I hope that you may be inspired to try your hand at it but do note posting updates and commenting is only possible if you are logged in.

The Dobbs the Activity Page: