The Dobbs Activity Feed Redux

Tired of inane Facebook status updates (like pictures of what your friends are eating or griping about)? Want one dedicated for doctors?
The trouble with Facebook is that sometimes people get careless and may post things on their timeline which may not be appropriate for public eyes. I am concerned one day a Malaysian doctor will run into trouble for posting something medical on Facebook and a patient or other aggrieved party will complain.
Anyway these concerns do not exist in Dobbs which is a closed website solely for Malaysian doctors. We have brought back the Activity Plus plugin which makes the Dobbs Activity Feed more "lively" as it captures pictures with the links you post.

This is a sample screenshot of the Activity Feed (click to enlarge):

activity 1

It's easy to share an interesting link to fellow Dobbers as illustrated here:

activity 2b

The end result:

àctivity 3

Some additional tips:
1. The Activity Page is searchable by using the Search box at the right hand side bar. This special search only applies to the Activity stream and is separate from the Forum search.

activity 4

2. When you scroll down the page, it will automatically load more for you.

3. You can "Like" and also view who "Liked" your activity

4. You can comment on any Activity

Check out the Dobbs Activity Feed today and bookmark it for regular visits. Try sharing a link today!