Happy Chinese New Year!

We wish all Dobbers celebrating a Happy Chinese New Year and to everyone, happy holiday! It's a long holiday weekend ahead and to make a great start to the Chinese New Year, we have updated to an all new version (3.1.1) of Buddyboss, the design theme used in Dobbs. The colour options are more flexible now and I have selected a blue one as it's my favourite colour. Buddyboss is responsive, meaning it will render in various screen sizes and I notice this version loads faster and performs better for mobile devices. There seems to be a bug when entering text in some Android devices - you might get a grey square with bits of the right sidebar menu occupying the lower right of the screen. The Buddyboss developers are aware and will hopefully fix this soon. In the meantime if you have any feedback or issues, please see this thread

We have simplified the top Menu and reduced the number of items so that it is less cluttered and should help with mobile performance too. Please note that in order to start a new Forum topic, use the link highlighted in Red:

We've also revamped the special Member services for Dobbers and there's now a special page, Affiliate Services, which links services and special offers solely for Dobbs members. One recently introduced is the Cloud based virtual name card or vCard programme. It's a cool way to share your contact with others and a number of Dobbers have theirs listed here.

Haven't visited the forums lately? Here are some interesting posts:
The PDPA and Doctors - the grace period for this new Law will come to an end soon. All private clinics and hospitals have to register. See this important thread for more details.
GST is coming - how will it affect doctors?
Courting consent - more input into the controversial court ruling on spousal consent
Cobra bite - know how to manage one?
Stethoscopes going to be extinct in the future?
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and plenty more. Just Browse the main Forums page for the latest forum posts.

Don't forget to check out our Activity timeline. Feel free to post anything there including uploading photos. It works like Facebook only this one you're sure it's private and only for doctors' eyes.

Have a great weekend and drive safely!