Dobbs on your mobile – let me count the ways

I've always been an advocate of mobile technology - take the web including Dobbs with you wherever you go with your smartphone or tablet. That seems to be the case for 60% of Dobbers who access Dobbs from a mobile phone or tablet according to Google Analytics:

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 8.39.10 AM

Dobbs fully supports mobile devices and here's a recap of how we do so:

1) Mobile Browser
Our theme (BuddyBoss) is mobile friendly. If you surf to on your mobile device, it will automatically detect what device you are using and present you with a mobile theme.
On an iPhone 5s, this is what it looks like. Access to the menu is obtained by clicking on the standard mobile menu icon on the upper right

2014-02-16 08.02.05

2) Tapatalk
We covered Tapatalk in this post so I won't say much more other than reiterate that Tapatalk is a great free app for iOS and Android which allows you to access tons of forums on the Internet. I am pleased to include Tapatalk support for Dobbs. All you have to do is to install Tapatalk on your device, search for "Dobbs" in the Tapatalk community and then login with your username and password (Facebook login is not possible with Tapatalk)

3) Dobbs Mobile App
Dobbs has it's very own mobile app. We've launched our Android app and you can download it from the Playstore for free.

The iOS version is in beta and if you would like to help us beta test, please check out this thread in the forum.

Our mobile apps are lightweight and are designed to help you start Dobbs and access the common sections of Dobbs very quickly. Once you login, the internal browser should be able to remember the login thereafter.

4) Facebook
For you Facebook diehards, we are maintaining a Dobbs Facebook group which notifies you of new and updated posts in our forum. If you click on the Dobbs links there you can go directly to the Dobbs posting (login required of course) in the Facebook app's internal browser.

With these 4 ways to access Dobbs on your mobile device, there's no excuse not to miss out on the latest news, views and discussions on Dobbs, wherever you are - in the hospital canteen, during boring meetings or even in the toilet (though we don't advocate the last one!)

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