The Medical Ethics Dilemma Poll

Dear Dobbers,

This short post is to request those of you who haven't already done so, to participate in our Medical Ethics Dilemma Poll. This poll comprises 10 short questions on medical ethics. The poll is entirely anonymous so your responses are not displayed. Topics covered include end-of-life issues, procedures, medical insurance, hiding information, physician assisted suicide and relationships with patients.
It would be very interesting indeed to see our responses to these questions which are based on an original Medscape survey, and compare these with our Americal counterparts.

To participate in the poll (it'll take only a few minutes of your time), please see this thread
Malaysian Doctors’ Medical Ethics Poll
The link to the poll is in the first post of that thread. We are not linking it here as we would like to restrict the poll to Malaysian doctors. The link has also been published in other closed Doctors groups in Facebook to get as wide a reach as possible.
When we have garnered enough responses, we'll do a follow-up to see how we fared.

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Alan Teh