Announcing the Dobbs vCard Programme

Fancy having a name card which is dynamic, easy to share and actually works like a mobile app instead of a piece of paper?

Well, all Malaysian doctors via our Dobbs vCard affiliate programme can now have one for FREE.

An example name card of a fictional doctor will look like this:


To view the above and test the functions in your mobile see:

You'll note that the Contact buttons are functional and one can use it to Call/SMS/Email/Visit websites all from the mobile device.

Each card has a Share page for you to easily share the link. You can do this several ways: manually sharing the link which is displayed in the Share page, via QRCode (free QRCode readers are readily available in the mobile app stores), social media, email or SMS


You or your contacts can save the vCard in the mobile phone browser Bookmark or use the Add to Homescreen option on the mobile's browser (the latter will still run offline without an Internet connection just like a regular app)

How to get a free vCard?
Visit our vCard affiliate programme and submit your details. T&C apply.