The Dobbs Selfie contest winner

It's time to announce the winner of the 1st round of the Dobbs selfie contest - Dr. Betty Teh. Congrats!
She wins a special medical pen torch with a pupil size gauge and built in ruler.

We have more prizes up for grabs and all you have to do is to upload your Selfie to this thread in the forum. Even if you are too shy to do so, what you can do is to Rate the posts (the Rate button is at the top of each post). You can Rate more than one Selfie but cannot rate more than once per post and you cannot rate your own post (naturally). Note that Dobbs Rate posts also allows you to Rate down a post if you don't like it :banana2:

The Selfie with the highest number of posts for each round (past winners excluded) will get a prize. Round 1 is over but Round 2 begins and will continue until the end of January. So plenty of time to head over to the Selfie thread and enter the contest.