Dobbs forums on your mobile – Tapatalk support is up

Dear Dobbers,

First of all a Merry Christmas to all those celebrating and happy holidays to everyone!

This posting is to update you on an exciting new feature which we've incorporated into Dobbs.
Dobbs uses a responsive theme, meaning the theme adapts to the browser you use and optimises the appearance depending on whether you are using a full desktop browser or a mobile/smartphone browser.
We now give Dobbers another option to follow and participate in our forums using your mobile device - Tapatalk support

Tapatalk is a popular free mobile forum app which allows you to access thousands of community forums on the Internet with ease. You can download Tapatalk for your device for free here:
Android Tapatalk
iOS Tapatalk

Once you have installed Tapatalk (registering a free account there retains your logins to your favourite forums) do a search for Dobbs and you'll easily find us there.
Login with your username and password (note you cannot login to Dobbs with Facebook using Tapatalk; in case you have forgotten your password you can always reset it)

The first view will be the "Portal" which is essentially our front page Blog postings.


If you slide to the left you'll see the sections available to you in Tapatalk:


The Timeline shows you the latest posts


The Forums section will take you to the list of Dobbs Forums where you can explore and join in the discussions


There are other features too like the ability to Subscribe to your favourite forums, upload Images directly to Dobbs, Search function etc.
I notice some limitations with Tapatalk (though these might be fixed in future versions) and a noticeable one is that you cannot view embedded media like Youtube videos - for that you'll have to switch to webview on your mobile or desktop browser.
Nevertheless, it's a quick way to use Dobbs on your mobile devices and Tapatalk does give you options and a neat way to use other forums too.

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If you have used Tapatalk, do provide your feedback in this thread

We wish you well for the holiday season and looking ahead, we wish you a Happy New Year for 2014!

Warmest regards,

Alan Teh