The Chimp is here to provide you with Dobbs updates

Morning Dobbers,

The Chimp is here!


This is to give you a heads up that I am trying out Mailchimp's email delivery system to bring you blog updates from Dobbs. This will not replace our Newsletter entirely but at least you get email notification whenever we update the Dobbs blog. If you don't want to receive email, there is an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each mail sent out.

Not logged into Dobbs lately? Here are some updates:

The Dobbs Selfie Contest is still on - upload your self portrait and stand a chance to win a prize. Check this post for more details.
There are over 1900 topics now in the Dobbs Forums - browse through or search for topics of interest. Some recent ones:
Daily Cases – Where and What is the Mass / Cyst?
GST is coming
Video lecture: The goal of CML therapy in 2013 and beyond
The case of the lady with cough

If you like Facebook type activity, you can also post in our Dobbs Activity feed, upload photos or share links.

See you in the forums!