Forum notifications

We have updated to the latest bbPress 2.5 which is the forum engine behind Dobbs. Dobbs sends you notifications about Forum discussion via email. Prior to 2.5, you would get notifications from individual topics the following way:

1) You can be notified of replies by checking/unchecking the box “Notify me of follow-up replies via email”

The default whenever you reply to a topic is checked so if you don't want to be notified of replies, please uncheck.

2) You can manually Subscribe or Unsubcribe to forum topics

Both 1 & 2 actually do the same thing. Say you did not uncheck the box in 1, but later on want to Unsubscribe from a topic, you can set the topic to Unsubscribe by clicking on the Subscribe link as in 2.

In the latest bbPress update, you can now choose to be notified of new topics started in any of the Dobbs forums and not just replies to individual topics. The Forum Subscription link can be found just below the Forum title. For example if you wish to subscribe to the Dobbs Financial forum, you click Subscribe as indicated in the picture below:

Forum sub

Forum level subscriptions are "opt-in" meaning you choose to subscribe only if you want to.

Hope this helps with clarification about the Forum notifications. Aside from forum notifications, Dobbs also sends you notifications e.g. for mentions, private messaging etc. These can be set in your Profile/Settings/Notifications.

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