Embedding images from free image hosting sites

Why post boring status updates with picture links? Make great posts and embed multiple pictures within one forum post. Images illustrate your point well.
As mentioned in our feedback posting here's how to embed images in Dobbs postings using free image hosting sites.

Imgur (pronounced Imag-er) is a great free image hosting site - you can upload pictures there with or without an account, and there are also mobile apps to help you do so from your tablet or smartphone.
For Imgur, just click on the "Get embed codes" link (usually at the bottom right somewhere) and then select the Link e.g.



The other great sites which already work are Flickr (1 Terabyte free!)

Just click on the "Share" icon at the bottom right of each Flickr image and copy the link e.g.



9323 Sundown in the Gorbantunggut--Wancaiwan , Uyghur Autonomous Region , China

lastly Photobucket is another free (2Gb) image hosting.
Just click on the "Link" icon and copy the link e.g.



Pea In A Pod Bunting Baby Costume

Note that images from all three can be static or animated Gifs. Enjoy embedding your #images in Dobbs!