The Dobbs Selfie Contest


Stand a chance to win a prize yet again in another Dobbs contest. The purpose is to learn new skills in using Dobbs:

- how to upload pictures you take
- using the Activity stream (Dobb’s own “Facebook” type wall)
- how to post pictures in the forum
- how to use forum Rating buttons

What you need to do:

1) Visit the Activity stream using your smartphone or mobile device with a camera (if desktop you will be prompted to upload an image)

Hit Add Photo – take one with your front facing camera or upload one
This should be your own photo, close up and au naturale – no photoshop! (i.e. a genuine selfie!)
Add a caption if want.
Hit the Post Update button and your image will now appear in the Activity stream

2) On your desktop browser (it’s not easy to do this on your mobile) : Right click on the image and copy the image URL.
To post the image in this thread, just click on the “img” button you see in the Reply box, then paste the URL of the image and hit OK.
The image will appear in the forum post

3) Each post here has Rating buttons – you cannot rate your own naturally, but please rate those you like.

How winners will be judged: 
- by the most number of Rating Likes
- in case of a tie, your Dobbs points will decide the winner

There are three prizes up for grabs. One prize per 10 entrants (one selfie alllowed per Dobber) and the prize is a special Pen Torch for medics – comes with a ruler and pupil size gauge:

The contest will be open for one month or 100 entrants, whichever comes first.

So unless you are a dinosaur, there’s no excuse for you not to enter!



Post your Selfie in this Thread