Dobbs is now an official CPD provider

The official letter just came last month!


I am pleased to inform Dobbers that we are now an official CPD provider and points gained through our online CME Quizzes will be submitted to the MMA on your behalf. These Quizzes are tied in to our CME Forum activity whereby you can read interesting cases or view online lectures/powerpoint presentations.

We would like to remind Dobbers to please submit your NRIC and MMA membership status so that whenever we submit the CPD returns, we can notify the MMA on your behalf. If you have not done so, please go to the Members page and submit the details using the form in the Right side bar.
The MMA in turn, is the coordinating body which will notify the MMC CPD Secretariat of the CPD points accumulated.

CME of course is not about just getting points but it's about improving oneself and also for the sake of knowledge and love of medicine. It however will be important as the amended medical act states that CPD points will be tied to your APC renewal. It has not yet been enforced but once the CPD mechanisms are in place (which is pretty soon we believe) it will be compulsory.

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see point 14
Q14 : Will CPD become compulsory for Annual Practising Certificate?
It is true that in spite of the MMC-CME Grading System having been in operation for more than 10 years, as administered by the MMA, the participation by registered medical practitioners has been poor. It therefore becomes necessary, to achieve the objectives of the Ministry of Health Malaysia and the Malaysian Medical Council, to m ake CPD compulsory. Within the next few years, and after successful completion of the pilot projects, the acquisition of minimum credit points in the CPD Grading System will be made compulsory for the issuance of the Annual Practising Certificate.

MMC CPD Grading Schedule - note that we are following item 5. CPD online as that applies to CPD activities in Dobbs.