You want Facebook wall? We got Facebook wall for you (part 2)

Continued from Part 1.
In part 2, we show you how to use the Dobbs Activity Stream (our Facebook-like wall, only safer!) on your mobile phone. Screenshots were taken in this case from an iPhone 4.
We've already introduced how to use the Dobbs mobile interface on your smartphone in Using the new Mobile views in Dobbs which you might want to read again before you continue.

Basically when you visit the Dobbs Activity Stream on your smartphone, you will be presented with this view:

Wall mobile 1s

The steps are basically the same as in the Desktop browser

1. Post your update (type in text and/or paste a link)

2. Optionally Add a picture by tapping on the Add Photo button. You will be prompted to Take a picture or Upload one from your Gallery on your smartphone

Wall mobile 2s

3. Choose the Wall you want to post on - your Profile (the default) or one of the other Groups and hit the Post Update button

Wall mobile 3s

When you view the Activity stream, you can Like and Comment just as you can on the Desktop view

Wall mobile 4s

So we are good to go on your smartphone as well.

Dobbs Activity Stream - for your Desktop or Mobile, and a whole lot safer than Facebook!