Using the new Mobile views in Dobbs

As we have updated to Buddyboss 3.0, we now have excellent mobile theme support. Dobbs Forum will automatically detect the device (and orientation - portrait or landscape) you are using, and deliver a format which fits nicely in the smaller screen.
In a Tablet, the design is similar to the Desktop browser but in a Smartphone, the view is quite different so let me explain.

The Home page can always be obtained if you click on "Dobbs" at the top bar. In the Home page you can login and view the latest Blog posts (not to be confused with the Forum posts) such as this one.

To view the Forums, tap on the Menu icon on the upper right, and the Forums menu will slide in from the right like so:

If you tap on the upper left icon, you will be able to view your Profile settings:

If you have any questions, please visit this thread in the Feedback forum: