How to embed Media (images and videos) in Dobbs

Embedding media in your posts makes the post interesting and attractive. Unlike Facebook where you can only link one media item in a Facebook update, Postings in Dobbs allow you to embed multiple items all at once. Dobbs is based on the Buddypress/Wordpress engine and the latest version supports automatic embedding of certain media sites in your posts just by pasting the URL (link) source. What sites are supported?

From the WordPress codex, you can use all of these:

As an example if I want to share a Flicker image, I would copy the Share URL from Flicker as illustrated here

Flicker Share

and paste the URL in the post

and the image magically appears

You can do the same for any of the media hosting sites above - e.g. for Youtube, just paste the URL and the video will embed. Just click on the Share option in Youtube, and copy the URL, e.g. pasting this one

will give this video

What about images not in the list of supoported sites for automatic embedding? You can paste images from Facebook, Imgur or even your Photos uploaded in your personal album in Dobbs (the photo album feature is in your Profile wall)
For example, if you are on Facebook, you can check out this post. If you want to copy the image from that post, just Right Click on the picture, then select Copy Image URL (Chrome browser) or Copy Image Location (Firefox) and you get this URL

Next use the Image formatting button Image link

You will end up with a code in your post like this

You can leave it like this but if you find the image too big, you can resize it to a width of 500 pixels by adding width='500' to the code like this and the result is:

If you would like to experiment with media embedding, you can optionally join the Private Test Bed Forum (just PM @palmdoc to join)