Dobbs Contest # 3 – Photo shoot out

Greetings all

Dobbs contest #3 is now open and this time it is a photo contest. Here are the rules:

1) The theme is Photos of Medical Life - portraits, close ups anything as long as it captures human images with a medical theme

2) Up to three photos per Dobber allowed

3) All images must be original photos taken by yourself

4) (Contest is over! Winners will be announced)

5) You may view the Photo Contest #1 Gallery here (it will be updated as new images are added)

6) All Dobbers are invited to Vote (use the voting tool at the bottom of each image) but you may vote once only per image. Votes will help the judges decide the winners

7) The top three submissions will get a tech prize each (16 Gb thumbdrive) but only one prize is allowed per Dobber

8) Contest will close January 10, 2013 February 10, 2013