Forums – getting to the end of the thread

I thought I'd make a post to help newer Dobbers on how to navigate the forums, particularly the common question "How do I quickly get to the end of the thread to view the latest reply? "
This is particularly useful if the discussion thread is long.

Here are a few ways:

If you are already viewing the beginning of a discussion, if the discussion is more than a page long, then the page numbers are visible at the upper right. Clicking on the last page number takes you to the last page. In this example the thread has 752 posts split into 51 pages, if you click on the 51, it will take you to the last page

but you still have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the last reply.

A better way is to use the Forums view. Click on the Dobbs Forum link (always available at the main Dobbs menu at the top) to view the latest discussions. Click on one of the icons in the right hand column "New"and it will take you to the last reply in the thread. The icon will be yellow if there are unread posts, and white if all posts in that thread have been read.

If you happen to be viewing a particular group in it's Home page, then you need to click on the Group Forum tab in Group Menu as illustrated in this image:

once you do that you will see the Forum listing for that group, and you can click on the New icon to take you to the end of each discussion thread

That's it! It's not very difficult once you get the hang of things. You can always bookmark your Favorite Dobbs sections, be it the main Forum listing, a particular Group forum or just the main Activity stream. Lots to choose from!