Activities vs Forum discussions

This post is intended to clarify the differences between Activities and Forums especially for new Dobbers. It might be initially confusing to some as this is not a conventional (and drab) forum like traditional phpBB or vBulletin powered discussion boards. Think of Dobbs more like a Community site with Social Networking and Discussion Forum capabilities.

The Activity button you see at the top Menu will list all that is happening in the site.
Activity Updates are like Facebook updates. You can post an Update to your own Profile or to any of the existing Groups (e.g. Dobbs General, Marketplace, TechDoc etc.) Updates are excellent for sharing news, links, pictures, Videos. To help you share, the Update or “What’s new” box has handy buttons at the bottom to share items.
Activity also includes anything else happening in the site – who befriended who, who joined what Group, new Forum posts, new Replies etc. You can filter what type of Activity you wish to see using the Show drop down box at the upper right.
Note that Groups also have their own Activity timeline.

The Forums are where the real discussions go. Long discussions best go into Forum discussion threads. Mind you, you can comment on an Activity Update much like you can comment on Facebook Updates but such comments are not suited for long discussions. Use the Forums for this instead.

Forums are not site wide. Each forum belongs to a Group and each Group has only one Forum. Check out the available Groups in Dobbs . I have created a handy shortcut page directly to the Group Forums.

I hope this clarifies things. If you have any questions, please post as a comment here.