Dobbs Haiku Competition on 1Care

Hi folks. I thought I'd try something new to break the monotony of forum discussions. For the first time, we are holding a competition complete with prizes!
All you have to do to enter the competition is to come up with a Haiku about 1Care or the proposed Healthcare transformation. A Haiku is essentially a three line Japanese poetry form, comprising 17 syllables: first line 5 syllables, second line 7 syllables and third line 5 syllables.
Why a Haiku? We like KISS - keep it short and simple, important when it comes to delivering the message about 1Care. I mean how many actually bothered to read the long and boring Concept paper on healthcare transformation? Malaysians' attention span is very short so Haikus might be a great way to tell the story. I am also inspired by Stephen Colbert's Cain-Inspired Healthcare Haiku (Obamacare's bill is something like 2700 pages long!)

So, put on your poetry hats and come up with some 1Care or Healthcare inspired Haiku
Perhaps something like these to get the ball rolling:

The proposed 1Care
An unaffordable plan?
A matter of choice


P.M. gets billions
M.O.H. gets a pittance
Imbalanced budget

Ok as for the prizes I'm afraid I don't have a snazzy iPad for this first time competition but I do have humble 16 Gb thumbdrives to give away. Here are some ground rules:
1) You can submit any number of Haikus but only one person is entitled to win one thumbdrive in this competition
2) The competition will run until the end of March 2012, after which we shall judge the winners.
3) The number of winners and thumbdrives to be given away will depend on the response (and subject to the total number of thumbdrives I have available, kindly sponsored by Roche)
4) Local and overseas Dobbers are welcome to enter the competition but I'm afraid the winners will have to provide a local (Malaysian) address to mail the thumbdrive to.
5) Submit your entries as comments to this post.